RentSpree Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What is RentSpree's Credit Builder?

Why should I opt-in to RentSpree Credit Builder?

Credit Builder is an effort to serve our renters better and help them build and improve their credit scores and credit history. Reporting rent payments is a relatively new concept. Still, initial studies show that approximately 75% of renters see credit score improvement if their on-time rental payments are reported to the credit bureaus.

Why do I need good credit?

Having good credit makes it easier to achieve important milestones, like renting an apartment, refinancing student loans, buying a car, or getting a mortgage for your first home. Conversely, having bad credit or no credit makes all those things harder. A higher credit score makes you more likely to qualify for financial products and services at lower interest rates.

Which credit bureaus does RentSpree report to?

Rentspree reports rental payments to TransUnion only.

How much will my Credit Score increase?

We cannot guarantee a specific score improvement or time frame because everyone’s credit situation is different and unique. Sometimes, other credit factors will impact the credit profile, so it’s important to maintain timely payments on other credit trade lines while we report your rent payment.

What if I missed a rent payment or two?

RentSpree reports only positive data to the credit bureaus. If there is a month where you missed paying rent on time, RentSpree will not report any data to the credit bureaus that month. This will not negatively affect your score.

Will this decrease my credit score?

Your credit score is made up of thousands of pieces of data. RentSpree will help improve your credit score, but there is no guarantee that your score will increase overall, as other areas of your credit profile could affect your credit score.

How long does it take for reporting to show up on my credit report?

RentSpree reports rental payments to the bureaus every month, and the bureaus factor that data into credit scores after completing their own quality control reviews. Once the onboarding process is complete, it typically takes 2 to 8 weeks before a resident’s reported rent payments appear on their credit report. The turn-around time depends on the quality of the data submitted and whether or not all mandatory data fields have been populated.

What do I do if I wish to dispute the accuracy of my rental payment reported to the Credit Bureaus?

If you wish to dispute the accuracy of the rental data submitted to the bureaus, please email RentSpree directly at

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Please send your cancelation request via email to