Rental Application

Do I have permission to contact other employers/landlords/references?

Are there terms allowing me to contact references listed on the rental application?

While there is no e-signature, the applicant does have to authorize that the information is valid.

Term: By clicking the Submit button, the applicant authorizes that the information provided is true and correct and authorizes verification of the information provided. A full text of the agreement is as follows:

"By clicking submit, applicant understands and agrees that (i) this is an application to rent only and does not guarantee that applicant will be offered the Premises; (ii) Landlord or Manager or Agent may receive more than one application for the Premises and, will select the best qualified applicant; (iii) Applicant will provide a copy of applicant’s driver’s license or other acceptable identification upon request.

Applicant represents the above information to be true and complete, and hereby authorizes Landlord or Manager or Agent to: (i) verify the information provided; (ii) obtain a credit report on applicant and (iii) obtain an “investigative Consumer Report” (“ICR”) on and about applicant. An ICR may include, but not be limited to, criminal background checks, reports on unlawful detainers, bad checks, fraud warnings, and employment and tenant history.

Applicant further authorizes Landlord or Manager or Agent to disclose information to prior or subsequent owners and/or agents with whom applicant has had, or intends to have, a rental relationship."