E-Sign Documents

A Guide to Using E-Sign Documents

Add a Document to a Transaction

You can add rental documents to a transaction to be electronically signed by a recipient after signing up for RentSpree PRO:

  1. After logging in, select My Listings in the left menu bar.
  2. Select the property address
  3. Click E-Sign Documents
  4. Select the Transaction Name for the e-signed document.
    1. If you have not yet added a Transaction, you can select New Transaction. Check out this article on how to add a new transaction.
  5. Select Manually Upload to upload your document.
    1. You may upload multiple documents at once so applicants can sign them in one request
    2. The C.A.R. Lease Agreement is available to C.A.R. members after you validate your membership with RentSpree.
  6. Read and agree to the E-Sign and E-Delivery Service Agreement.
  7. Upload a document by dragging or selecting upload.
  8. Add the recipient’s name and email address.
    1. For multiple recipients, select + Add a Recipient. If you want to remove a recipient, select the Trash Bin in the top right corner of the recipient.

Adding Standard Fields to an E-Signed Document

You can drag and drop standard fields onto any document. 

  • Text - Add a text field to the document.
    • Change the text size, boldness, italics, and underlining.
  • Checkbox - Add a checkable box.
    • Assign to a recipient.
  • Initial - Add an initial section.
    • Assign to a recipient.
  • Signature - Add an electronic signature section.
    • Assign to a recipient.
  • Date Signed - Add a date to signature sections.

If you need to delete a field, select it and click the trash bin to the right of the screen.

Standard fields2-1


After you have added all fields to the document, select Next. Then, confirm the recipients before clicking Send. Each recipient will receive an email link to sign the document electronically.

Can I make changes to the email of a recipient after I've sent the request?

Once an email address has been sent, there is no way to update, change, or add new email addresses to the document.

You will need to void the transaction before the signee(s) complete the form and re-upload documents with the correct email address. 

If you would like a walkthrough of the E-Sign Documents feature,  click here for a video.