Accounts & Billing

Do I need to pay again if I am applying to another property?

I just applied to a property using RentSpree but am applying to another one. Do I need to pay again?

You will be asked to submit a second payment and we will refund you!

Applying for a new place to live can be a very costly endeavor in regards to both time and money. We save you time by allowing you to use the same application when you submit to multiple properties, but we also save you money by refunding any supplemental screening fees charged within 30 days of your first screening only.

A week after you have applied to your first property through RentSpree, we will send you a "Second Application Free" email to let you know the next property you apply to will be covered by RentSpree.

While you will be required to submit another payment (this ensures the reports are the most accurate, up-to-date, and sent to the requesting agent directly), you can simply call us at (323) 515-7757 or email us at and let us know you submitted payment to apply to a second property. We will then refund you for that application fee. It's as simple as that!