Managing Accounts: Changing & Adding Another Email Address for Property Representative Accounts

Property Representatives can now change their current email address for their RentSpree account and also add a secondary email address as an alternative login credential. 

Please see below to find each walkthrough guide:

A Guide to Changing Your Login Email Address as a Property Representative

RentSpree now allows users to change their email address within their account settings.

  1. To change your email address, start by clicking on the menu at the top of your screen, and selecting My Account


  2. Select Login & Security or click the link to access this page.

  3. In the Primary Email section, click Change

  4. Enter the email you would like to use and the password for your account, and click Change Email

  5. At this point, you will receive an email from RentSpree with a verification link to confirm your new email address. As the final step, click Verify Email to complete the change.

  6. Congratulations! Your email address is now updated, and you can sign in using your new credentials!


A Guide to Adding a Secondary Email Address as a Property Representative

Property Representatives can also add another email address to their RentSpree account as an alternative login. Please note that all notifications will be sent to the primary email address for the RentSpree account.

Moreover, if the email is already registered or associated with another RentSpree account, the email address cannot be used.

1. To change your email address, start by clicking on the menu at the top of your screen and selecting My Account

2. Select Login & Security or click the link to access this page.

change_email_login_security3. In the Additional Email(s) section, click Add  


4. In the Add Additional Email section, enter the secondary email and your current password for your RentSpree account,  then click Add Email

5. Go to your email inbox for your secondary email and find the verification email message that's sent from RentSpree, in the message click Verify Email

6. Congratulations! Your secondary email has now been added and verified in your RentSpree account