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How to Fix: "Next Step. Additional verification is needed to process your screening" Error

To continue, please call TransUnion and provide your email address and App ID at (833) 458-6338

Sometimes, there is not enough credit history, and TransUnion is unable to generate identity verification questions. To contact TransUnion and verify your identity manually, please call (833) 458-6338.

Please let the TransUnion representative know you need assistance with verifying your identity and the email address used for your RentSpree account.

Once your identity has been verified, you may return to your RentSpree dashboard and follow the steps below:

How can I update my information in the TransUnion Screening section after calling?

  1. Return to the page with the error, check off the box stating that you have called TransUnion, and click Proceed.
  2. This will take you back to the previous step to edit any information for the screening portion and re-enter your SSN/ITIN
    1. Make sure to check off the box that says Update my SSN/ITIN with TransUnion.
    2. Double-check the information entered before clicking on Save and Continue.
  3. That's it! Proceed to submit payment, if requested, and the agent/owner will be notified immeditely