Renters Insurance

FAQ: Can I choose or update the policy for my renter?

Here you can find more information about the renter's insurance policy.

Can I access the renter's policy information?

The renter's policy will be uploaded to your dashboard after they purchase their Renters Insurance. The applicant also has the ability to upload a copy of the renter's insurance they have through their own insurance company.

How much does renters insurance cost?

The cost of Renters Insurance will range based on the policy options. As renters build their policy, the amount will change. Renters can choose to pay per month or yearly.

Can I pick out the policy for my renter's rental insurance?

You will not be able to build the policy for your renter. The renter will build out the policy themselves after receiving your request.

Can I change or update my renter's insurance policy?

You can reach out to the insurance company directly to adjust your renter's insurance policy.