C.A.R Lease Agreement

How to Generate a CAR lease agreement through E-Sign Documents.

The E-Sign documents feature can now generate a C.A.R. lease agreement for applicants to electronically sign through RentSpree. This is done by linking your RentSpree account to your California apartment of realtors account. This can be done under your my account settings, or while using the E-Sign Documents feature.

Linking Account

The Steps to Linking your account require a few steps within your RentSpree Profile

  1. Click on the drop-down in the top right corner next to your name
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select Account Linking
  4. Click the button that says Link next to the California Association of Realtors


Validate C.A.R. Membership

Please input your last name, and NRDS ID for C.A.R. to validate your membership. This one-time process will grant you access to all features available for C.A.R. members such as C.A.R. form

  • Last Name
  • Brokerage Name

After entering all information the system will validate this can take up to 30 seconds for the full validation process to finish


C.A.R Lease Agreement with E-Sign Document

Once your C.A.R. account has been linked and validated with your RentSpree account, you can now start using E-Sign Documents to generate a C.A.R. lease agreement to send to your prospective renters. This document can be filled out directly through RentSpree. On this document, you can add multiple fields for electronic signature

  1. Select the property from your Dashboard
  2. Select +Request E-Signature
  3. Select C.A.R. Lease Agreement
  4. Add in Recipients
    1. Tenant
    2. Landlord
    3. Guarantor
    4. Other 

E-sign CAR

Adding Standard Fields to E-Sign Document

The document can have standard fields that you can drag and drop onto the Document. These fields are listed below.

  • Text - Add a text field to the document
    • Text Fields will be automatically placed on the document for ease of use 
    • Can change text size, bold, italic, underline.
  • Checkbox - Checkbox that needs to be checked for a recipient
    • Assign to recipient
  • Initial - Recipient can add initials for Electronic Signature 
    • Assign to recipient
  • Signature - Electronic Signature for Recipient
    • Assign to recipient
  • Date Signed - Box for Date Signed by Recipient

If you need to delete a field use the options on the right of the screen under actions. Click on the trash can to delete fields.

updated CAR

After you have added all fields to the C.A.R Lease Agreement that you need you can select the next button to move forward. You will then see the Recipients that you are sending to before clicking on Send. The Applicant will receive an email that takes them to the Document to Sign.

E-Sign Document add fields-1