Co-Signer & Guarantor

A Guide to Applying With A Co-Applicant, Co-Signer, or Guarantor

When requested, applicants can enter other co-applicants, co-signers, and guarantors they'll be applying with on their rental application. Once the applicant completes their submission, each person who is over 18 years old will be sent a request to apply.

Each person must use a separate email address to create a RentSpree account and complete their own submission.

How to add a co-applicant, co-signer, and guarantor

  1. Once you receive an ApplyLink and start your submission, start entering all the information in the Rental Specifics section
  2. In step 2. Additional Applicants, you may enter the corresponding individuals you'll be applying with
    1. Check the This person is over 18 years old box if the individual is 18 or older; this will automatically send an email request to them to apply as a co-applicant or co-signer/guarantor



After completing the rest of the submission, the co-applicants, co-signers, and guarantors over 18 will receive an email message to apply. If those individuals listed already applied to the current listing, they can disregard the request

For anyone under the age of 18, you can enter their information under the Add Other Tenants but do not check that they are over 18.