Co-Signer & Guarantor

How do I apply with a co-applicant or co-signer?

Q: I have a co-signer/co-applicant/guarantor, how do I add them to my application?

A: Each applicant must submit their information separately. Please contact the requesting agent/owner/manager for more information.

Solution: For security purposes, all applicants over the age of 18 must apply separately. This means that each person must use a separate email address to create an account with us.

  • If you're applying with someone else but using the same computer, make sure to log out of their account before logging into your own to apply.
  • If you're applying with someone that is currently not present and needs a link, you can send one to their email by adding their information into 3. Tenants or 4. Guarantors & Co-Signers. From there make sure there is a check-mark next to Please send co-applicant(s)/guarantor(s)/co-signer(s) a ApplyLink™ to apply. 

  • For example, a family of 4 adults will each have their own RentSpree account using individual email addresses (4 accounts using 4 emails).
  • For anyone under the age of 18, you can enter their information under the "Add Additional Occupants" section.