Applicant FAQs


I was told to apply to a property on  What do I do? 

Please contact the property representative and ask them to invite you to apply.  You cannot complete an application without an email invite.  Some agents may also provide you with an ApplyLink to access the application.  

I am looking for a home.  Do you provide properties that I can browse?

We do not provide properties to view, as you may find on a listing site.  We recommend visiting our partner, if you are looking for available properties. 

Can I purchase TransUnion reports for myself?

No, we do not offer self-screening.  Please contact the property representative to apply for the property you are interested in. 

Already Applied

I filled out the application previously, why am I still being asked to enter a move-in date and extra information?

This is separate from the application and your previously entered information will still be there. Every time you start a new application, you will be asked to enter the move-in date again. This is just in case the date has been changed and once you enter the move-in date you will be able to resume your application from where you left off (or submit the screening reports if the application has been completed).

What is the status of my application?

For the status of your application, please contact the property representative directly.  As RentSpree is an online rental software used by property representatives, we do not have this information to provide. 

How do I apply to another property for free?  

The application fee will be waived if you apply to a second property within 30 days of your first submission. Once the second fee is paid please contact us at (323) 515-7757 or for a refund. 

How can I edit my application? 

Contact the property representative and ask them to send you a new request for only the application.  It should not include a request for a TransUnion credit report.   

Once you receive the new request for only the application, you will be able to edit & submit your updated application at no charge.  

 Why am I still receiving the reminder emails?

Sometimes an agent will send multiple requests or send an invitation to an email address that is not used to sign up for our site. When this happens, reminder emails will be sent out for 3 days. If you have successfully submitted your application but are still receiving them, you can ignore them or click on I'm no longer interested.