Intro to Tenant Screening

Intro to Adding a New Property Listing

A step-by-step tutorial on how to add a new property to your dashboard

Adding a property listing address to your RentSpree account is required when using features such as Rent Payment, Tenant Screening, and more! Below, you'll find two ways to add a property listing to your RentSpree account:

Adding a New Property Listing

Adding a Property Listing after Screening 

Adding a New Property Listing

  1.  Log Into your RentSpree dashboard or Sign Up for a free account
  2. Click the My Listings  button in the left, blue menu of the dashboard
  3. Click on ADD NEW LISTING  on the top-right of the page
  4. You will then be asked to enter a property address
    1. If this is your first time adding a property, you will be asked to enter your mailing address first. For more information on this step, click here.
  5. Then select if you're representing the Own the property, Represent the Landlord, or Represent the Applicant
    1. If you're representing the landlord, you'll be asked to optionally enter their contact information which is saved to your Client Manager. An e-mail will also be sent for them to set up their RentSpree account to view any shared applications and reports. 
  6. After, a pop-up will appear to either confirm the address is correct or to edit the address before confirming (Please note that after pressing Confirm, the address can no longer be edited or changed)
    1. If the landlord option was selected,  you'll be directed to enter information about the property on the Property Information page (This information is NOT shown to the applicant when applying)

You have now successfully added a new property! To continue with the next steps of the screening process, click here to view instructions.

    Adding a Property Listing after Screening

    If you initiated a screening without adding a property first, you can enter the property listing address after you open a completed submission. 

    1.  Log Into your RentSpree dashboard
    2. Click the Tenant Screening button in the left, blue menu of the dashboard
    3. Click on the report that submitted without a property
      1. You'll know the report that was submitted does not have a property attached to it when the Property column says + Create/select a property
    4. You may either select a property to attach the report to that was added previously or click on the Create a new property button to add a new property listing address

    Once the address has been assigned or added, the report will open!

    Please note that if an address was entered that has restrictions due to state, county, or city laws, reports may be withheld, or necessary refunds will be processed. Click here for more information about screening restrictions.