Managing Payments

A Guide to Changing Your Receiving Bank Account for Rent Payments

How to change the linked banked account for receiving Rent Payments

RentSpree offers property representatives the ability to change the linked bank account for receiving one-time and recurring payments.

  1. To change your linked bank account, first go to the Rent Payment tab of your dashboard.

  2. Select an existing payment and go to the Payment Info tab. Click on Change Account.

  3. You will see a popup confirming that you are requesting to change your account. Select Change Account. Please note, all payouts processed before the new account is verified will be made to your current receiving account.


  4. Click Agree and continue. You will be redirected to Stripe's website to link your new account.

  5. Once the account is successfully connected through Stripe, you will receive a popup confirming the account name and details. Click Done to return to your dashboard.