Sample Application & Reports

Sample Document: A Completed RentSpree Application

RentSpree's Standard Rental Application

Below are the fields an applicant will complete when entering their information for your rental listing:

  • Name, email, phone number, and move-in date
  • Residence history, including current and previous address information
  • Employment history, including current and previous employers, along with supervisor information
  • Includes options for retired applicants and students
  • Extra income sources if outside their normal employment
  • Personal Reference
  • Pet Information

How do I know if the applicant's information is valid?

With RentSpree, we understand that knowing is half of the battle. That's why we strive to provide as much information as we can on the application form.

As the Standard Rental Application has the applicant enter information about themselves, we recommend contacting them for any information you may need to verify.

You may also take advantage of our Premium Screening Bundle or RentSpree PRO features to assist with verifying income and references! 

Sample of the Standard Rental Application

A completed sample application can be viewed below: