Why can't I access the reports even though the applicant claims to have submitted?

Q: Where are the reports?

My applicant submitted and can access their reports, but I do not see them on my dashboard.

A: The applicant submitted to his/her self.

Solution: Applicants who do not receive a ApplyLink™ from you may submit using a different ApplyLink™. This means you will not receive their reports. To fix this, make sure to get the correct ApplyLink™ to them from your Dashboard using one of the 3 screening options. If they are asked to submit payment again, have them contact us at support@rentspree.com and we can refund them for the second submission.

It is also possible that the applicant only started the application and hasn't submitted it yet to your property. You are able to see the status of the application for each applicant after clicking on a specific property.

  • "Request Sent": the applicant has received an email about applying but hasn't started doing so.
  • "Renter started": the applicant has started filling out the application but they haven't submitted yet.
  • "Ready": the applicant has submitted the reports and you can access them by clicking on them. You will be notified via email when an applicant's status reaches "Ready".