Can I apply if I'm an international resident?

Am I able to apply to a property if I am currently located outside of the U.S.?

Yes, as long as you have a Social Security Number or ITIN.

Anyone is able to apply to a property using RentSpree as long as they have a Social Security Number. This is because TransUnion SmartMove requires an SSN or ITIN to generate screening reports. If you are only completing a rental application, however, no SSN is required.

If you are also filling out a rental application, we currently do not have a way to enter foreign addresses or phone numbers. While we are working to accommodate this, please enter as much of the address in the "Street Address" field as possible. Then, enter the state and zip of the property you are applying to since a state and zip code are required. 

Please make sure to inform the agent/owner about this!