Applicant Submitted after Reports Expired

How to move forward with an applicant who has paid for the reports after reports have expired from.

In rare cases, an applicant may pay for a screening report after the report has been generated by TransUnion over 30 days ago. How this happens is the applicant will finish authorizing reports to come from TransUnion but will not finish the payment process. The applicant will then pay the screening fee after the 30 day expiration time. The agent will then get an email that the report is ready but when they go to view it the report will be expired.


  • Created Date
    • The created date is the date that the report was created after the applicant clicks apply.
  • Submitted Date
    • The date that the applicant paid the application fee.

    Expired Report

If the Created date is more then a month separated from the date of Submission this will cause the report to be immediately expired in the system. The Agent will only be able to see the rental application.


The solution would be to have the applicant apply again for the property. Have the agent send a new leaselink for the applicant to apply. You can refund the second application fee for the applicant. This allows the agent to see the most updated credit report that will not be expired.